LintCode: A + B Problem

A + B Problem

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Write a function that add two numbers A and B. You should not use + or any arithmetic operators.

There is no need to read data from standard input stream. Both parameters are given in function aplusb, you job is to calculate the sum and return it.

Are a and b both 32-bit integers?

Can I use bit operation?

Sure you can.
Given a=1 and b=2 return 3


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class Solution:
    @param a: An integer
    @param b: An integer
    @return: The sum of a and b
    def aplusb(self, a, b):
        ## Basic Ideas:
        ##   a ^ b: add without carry
        ##   (a & b) << 1: carry
        ##  Assumption: the result won't overflow
        ## Complexity: Time O(1), Space O(1)
        mod = 0xFFFFFFFF
        while b != 0:
            a, b = (a ^ b) & mod, ((a & b) << 1) & mod
        return a

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