Interview Candidates For Code Tests

Suggestions for how to interview candidates for code tests

To interview candidates, we need to choose code problems carefully. Instead of random ones, they should be related to factors you want to examine.

To walk through with candidates, we need to understand how candidates might think. And give him/her some hints or on-demand feedbacks.

Problems Aggregated By Scenarios:

Scenarios (Find Candidates) Link
Has basic skills Problems: #basic
Can deal with details Problems: #manydetails
Knows classic algorithms Problems: #classic
Who are creative Problems: #inspiring
Has good OO skills Problems: #oodesign
Good understanding about Big O Problems: #evaluatecomplexity
Super strong in algorithms Problems: #hard
Good at SQL Problems: #sql
Good at math Problems: #math

Series problems with follow-ups:

Problems Aggregated By Typical Algorithms:

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Better prepare for code test:

  1. Chat and discuss about code problems
  2. Design problems and beyond
  3. Find friends with common interests.

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Incompatible Changes From Python2 to Python3

Python3 is there. We will need to switch from Python2 to Python3 sooner or later.

Here are some repetitive mistakes I have made (or keep making), when I do the switch.

Trying to combine a full list from my hands-on experience. Please leave me comments for your input!

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