Leetcode: Construct Binary Tree from String

Construct Binary Tree from String

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You need to construct a binary tree from a string consisting of parenthesis and integers.

The whole input represents a binary tree. It contains an integer followed by zero, one or two pairs of parenthesis. The integer represents the root’s value and a pair of parenthesis contains a child binary tree with the same structure.

You always start to construct the left child node of the parent first if it exists.


Input: "4(2(3)(1))(6(5))"
Output: return the tree root node representing the following tree:

     /   \
    2     6
   / \   / 
  3   1 5   


  1. There will only be ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘-‘ and ‘0’ ~ ‘9’ in the input string.
  2. An empty tree is represented by “” instead of “()”.

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