Leetcode: Decoded String at Index

Decoded String at Index

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Similar Problems:

An encoded string S is given. To find and write the decoded string to a tape, the encoded string is read one character at a time and the following steps are taken:

If the character read is a letter, that letter is written onto the tape.

If the character read is a digit (say d), the entire current tape is repeatedly written d-1 more times in total.

Now for some encoded string S, and an index K, find and return the K-th letter (1 indexed) in the decoded string.

Example 1:

Input: S = "leet2code3", K = 10
Output: "o"
The decoded string is "leetleetcodeleetleetcodeleetleetcode".
The 10th letter in the string is "o".

Example 2:

Input: S = "ha22", K = 5
Output: "h"
The decoded string is "hahahaha".  The 5th letter is "h".

Example 3:

Input: S = "a2345678999999999999999", K = 1
Output: "a"
The decoded string is "a" repeated 8301530446056247680 times.  The 1st letter is "a".


  1. 2 <= S.length <= 100
  2. S will only contain lowercase letters and digits 2 through 9.
  3. S starts with a letter.
  4. 1 <= K <= 10^9
  5. The decoded string is guaranteed to have less than 2^63 letters.

Github: code.dennyzhang.com

Credits To: leetcode.com

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