Leetcode: Plus One Linked List

Plus One Linked List

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Given a non-negative integer represented as non-empty a singly linked list of digits, plus one to the integer.

You may assume the integer do not contain any leading zero, except the number 0 itself.

The digits are stored such that the most significant digit is at the head of the list.




Github: code.dennyzhang.com

Credits To: leetcode.com

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## Blog link: https://code.dennyzhang.com/plus-one-linked-list
## Basic Ideas: Reverse the link. Add 1 with possible carry. Then reverse it back
## Complexity:
# Definition for singly-linked list.
# class ListNode:
#     def __init__(self, x):
#         self.val = x
#         self.next = None

class Solution:
    def plusOne(self, head):
        :type head: ListNode
        :rtype: ListNode
        newHead = self.reverseLinkedList(head)

        p, has_carry = newHead, True
        while has_carry:
            p.val += 1
            if p.val >= 10:
                p.val = p.val % 10
                has_carry = True
                has_carry = False
            # add one more node, if required
            if has_carry and p.next is None:
                p.next = ListNode(0)
            p = p.next

        return self.reverseLinkedList(newHead)

    def reverseLinkedList(self, head):
        if head is None: return None
        if head.next is None: return head
        dummyNode = ListNode(None)
        dummyNode.next = head
        p = head.next
        head.next = None
        while p:
            q = p.next
            p.next = dummyNode.next
            dummyNode.next = p
            p = q
        return dummyNode.next

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