Leetcode: Valid Word Abbreviation

Valid Word Abbreviation

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Given a non-empty string s and an abbreviation abbr, return whether the string matches with the given abbreviation.

A string such as “word” contains only the following valid abbreviations:

[“word”, “1ord”, “w1rd”, “wo1d”, “wor1”, “2rd”, “w2d”, “wo2”, “1o1d”, “1or1”, “w1r1”, “1o2”, “2r1”, “3d”, “w3”, “4”]
Notice that only the above abbreviations are valid abbreviations of the string “word”. Any other string is not a valid abbreviation of “word”.

Assume s contains only lowercase letters and abbr contains only lowercase letters and digits.

Example 1:

Given s = "internationalization", abbr = "i12iz4n":

Return true.

Example 2:

Given s = "apple", abbr = "a2e":

Return false.

Github: code.dennyzhang.com

Credits To: leetcode.com

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## Blog link: https://code.dennyzhang.com/valid-word-abbreviation
## Basic Ideas: two pointer
## Complexity: Time O(n), Space O(1)
class Solution:
    def validWordAbbreviation(self, word, abbr):
        :type word: str
        :type abbr: str
        :rtype: bool
        j, count = 0, 0
        for i in range(len(word)):
            if count != 0:
                count -= 1
            # abbr is shorter
            if j >= len(abbr): return False
            if abbr[j].isalpha():
                if abbr[j] != word[i]: return False
                j += 1
                # invalid number
                if abbr[j] == '0': return False
                # find number
                end_index = j
                for k in range(j+1, len(abbr)):
                    if abbr[k].isdigit():
                        end_index = k
                count = int(abbr[j:end_index+1])
                j = end_index+1
                # match current character
                count -= 1
        # check whether abbr is longer
        return count == 0 and j == len(abbr)

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